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I (Colin, G8TMV) currently live just south of Cambridge in the village of Sawston.

My main hobby is Amateur Radio and most of this site is about that and the things I've built or collected.

A page showing Information about my ATS3B (a low power CW transceiver) and the modifications I've made to it is here.

Some information about my CTCSS tone encoder design is here. I designed and built this because I wanted to add CTCSS tone encoding to my Kenwood TS-790E so it could be used on my local repeaters.

I spend some of my amateur radio time helping hew people study for their licence exams, as part of the training the candidates have to do various practical exercises. For the Intermediate practical a construction project is required and together with my local Radio Club I produced a suitable kit. Information about the Intermediate VFO project is here.

A more recent project is a system for remotely controlling antennas. Some information on the early development is here.

Many years ago my eldest daughter had a homework assignment to draw her family tree. So we talked about it and phoned Grandma to get more information. I got interested and for many years spent time doing research myself. To see the information on my family history research see the Tuckley Family Tree.

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