The G8TMV ATS3B Page

Information about my ATS3B and the modifications I've made to it.

My ATS3B is built into the traditional Altoids tin. Over time I've made a few changes to the firmware that is loaded onto it. Some of the changes are bug fixes but I have also added code to support the 5MHz (60m) band.

The latest version of my code is here. Note that to make everything fit I have had to shuffle some of the saved calibration data variables around. This means that you must force a calibration pass after you have loaded the new version of the firmware into the rig. This is done by holding down the 'split' and 'tune down' buttons while powering up.

Instructions for programming the firmware into the radio are here.

The IAR workbench version required is here. Note that it's big (25MB).

I also did some fine tuning of the band modules as described by George C Fuller, KX0R in this document.

The Gerber (PCB production) files are here.

The band module for 60m has the following parts:

RF1 33k 0805 SMT Resistor
LF1 T30-2 red toroid with 18 turns (#30 wire)
LF2 T30-2 red toroid with 22 turns (#30 wire)
LF3 T37-2 red toroid with 54 turns and 5 turn link winding (#32 wire)
LF4 15uH moulded inductor
C1F 470pF
C2F 1100pF (1000pf in parallel with 100pF)
C3F 100pF
C4F 470pF
C5F 33pF
C6F 4.7pF
CT2 60pF Trimmer
CT3 60pF Trimmer

Photos of my ATS3B and it's band modules

ATS3B rig and accessories

ATS3B bottom

ATS3B top

ATS3B band modules

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